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We now have the ability to quickly and easily calculate the turnover rates for your company and compare them with national average!  This will give you a hassle-free way to identify trends that provide an early indication of problems in your organization, as well as improve retention of existing employees by lowering your turnover cost! And, at an estimated cost of three times annual salary, the cost of turnover is nothing to sneeze at!

All we need from you is the average number of employees you have working for you, per month, and how many voluntary and involuntary terminations you had within each month. Just email that information to us...and we'll do the rest!  Its simple and, for YOU, it's free since you're a PAS Associates retainer client.

We can begin with your organizations turnover rate for the year 2009! Just send us the average number of employees for the year and how many voluntary and involuntary terminations you had each month...and we'll get your turnover rate to you!

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