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Below is a list of the training opportunities provided by  P·A·S Associates. Please click on the flyer image or click on the "Details" button below each session title for more information.


Quick Start for Supervisors™
equips participants to handle
the role of supervisor more effectively, increasing morale, productivity and profi tability. Once
individuals complete this training
program, they’re off and running
in their role as supervisor!

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Harassment and Bullying Recognition/Prevention Training
The State of California has mandated two hours of bi-annual sexual harassment training and education for all supervisors who work for companies that engage or employ 50 or more individuals (including temporary workers, independent contractors, and employees outside of California).

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Ken Blanchard Supplemental Workshops
Building Trust, Giving Feedback, Listening, Get Control of Email, Challenging Conversations, Core Leadership Skills, Situational Frontline Leadership are the topics for each of these Ken Blanchard training.

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Patrick Lencioni Training
These new leadership training modules from Patrick Lencioni, author of "The Advantage" will better equip you to lead through team dysfunction and help you manage employee engagement.

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Additional Training Opportunities:


"The Human Touch Performance Appraisal"

This session focuses on the process of conducting performance appraisals, not the paperwork or the “form”. After all, it’s not the form that counts, it’s the process. Applying the human touch helps managers get the most from their employees; it’s a way to show employees that they sincerely care enough to listen to their goals, wants, needs, and expectations. Managers who implement the human touch build on their employees’ strengths and help them reach their true potential. The tools learned in this session will not only alleviate the dread of conducting performance appraisals, but will prepare the employee and assist in helping the process run more smoothly.

"Managing Workplace Conflict"

With our hectic, ever-changing work environment, it’s no wonder conflict in the workplace happens everyday! Because conflict is so common, every leader needs to develop the skills necessary to manage conflict productively and confidently. In fact, when properly managed, conflict produces a chance for those involved to learn from each other, improve work methods, and build team solidarity. The skills learned in this session will do just that!



“A Peacock in the Land of Penguins…Harnessing the Creativity and Benefits of Differences in the Workplace”

This session analyzes ways in which an organization is or is not using people and their ideas, while teaching behaviors that value diversity and demonstrating how they can benefit the leader, the follower and the organization. Identifying organizational factors that hamper valuing diversity and finding ways the organization can leverage it as an organizational asset are key components of this session.


"Sexual Harassment: New Perspectives"

Addressing the personal responsibility of managers in the areas of harassment and discrimination is paramount to success in today’s litigious society. While doing so in this session, managers also learn how to define, recognize and prevent such claims in the work environment.


“Hire Tough, Manage Easy”/“Hiring the Best”/“Interviewing – More Than a Gut Feeling”

Red Auerbach, President of the Boston Celtics, is quoted as saying, “If you hire the wrong people, all the fancy management techniques in the world won’t bail you out.”…and he’s right! That’s why hiring the right people for the right position the first time is one of the most important roles an organizational leader plays. This session specifically addresses the “how-to’s” behind this tough assignment. It’s full of practical, hands-on advice and step-by-step ideas to select high performers.


"Give ‘em the Pickle: Delighting Customers"

The most successful businesses have learned that customer service is their business, and this session specifically teaches that serving the customer is a noble profession. It’s an opportunity to connect with people, to brighten a day, to possibly make a difference with the people who benefit from the service that Client provides. This training program will not only inspire your team, but will act as a guide as the participants commit to raising the level of service they offer to customers. It’s all about service, attitude, consistency and teamwork, and this session will provide specific tools that assist in each of these areas.


"Bridging the Gap: Become More Effective in a Multicultural Organization"

Individuals of different backgrounds, cultures and physical attributes work together everyday without truly understanding each other’s communication styles and group affiliation needs. This session is designed to improve understanding and skills in working with individuals different than ourselves.


"The DiSC Personal Profile System… Understanding Self and Others in the Work Environment"

The DiSC system presents a plan to help team members understand themselves and others in their work environment. With the ability to identify one’s behavior style, capitalize on one’s behavior strengths, increase appreciation of different profiles, and anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others, team members form a foundation to learn and to work well together.


"Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace"

Workplace violence has become one of the major human resource challenges facing employers.  With losses measured in the billions of dollars, very few employers have developed a comprehensive plan for addressing workplace violence.  This session is designed to help employers become aware of the potential for violence in the workplace and to recognize the early warning signs of a potentially violent person or situation.


"Managing Employee Performance"

Do you know how to get the most out of your performance appraisals? How do you bring out the full potential of employees? Learn how to use the “human touch” to help managers get the most from their employees.


"Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus"

Extra-fun holiday leadership development is just what you need! How does Santa do it – bringing elves together as a team and keeping them motivated all year long; doing such a great job of choosing his reindeer; and still dealing with those who are naughty and nice??!! It’s not easy being Santa, but we know it’s not easy being a manager or supervisor, either! Learn how you can apply the Leadership Secrets from Santa’s workshop in your workshop all year long!


"The Accounting Game"

Do your managers know how they affect the bottom line? Send your managers and supervisors to this training session and they will come back knowing what accounting jargon really means, what financial statements mean and how they are used, how to create income statements and balance sheets, what profit is and how to improve it, how to be more effective in their jobs by helping maximize efficiency and reduce expenses, and much more! This seminar will improve your manager’s knowledge of accounting through the fun of running a lemonade stand!


"Business Etiquette"

This workshop teaches participants how to be interested in other people and considerate of their feelings, the necessity of giving and receiving compliments graciously, “owning up” when they’ve done something wrong, and how to keep a conversation flowing, just to name a few.



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