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NEW FOR 2016 .... PAS Associates is pleased to announce their partnership with Kantola Productions for online, on-demand learning.  Studies have shown that people remember approximately 10% of what they read and as much as 50% of what they watch on video.  And, we know that learning is increased when it's story-based.  That's the Kantola difference -- their video learning is story-based and most even have a ten-question quiz to reinforce the learning, document the training was watched and, of course, the material was mastered.  Each seat is a personal viewing license for all of the learning videos available at the time the seat is assigned by PAS and, often, all of the titles are available for several weeks, allowing the participant to expand their learning a little at a time on a variety of topics.  Although this learning is not for small group training sessions or for use by multiple learners, it may be perfect for your team.  If it is, please let us know. We would be happy to serve your team with online, on-demand learning.

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